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The UK advisory body for timber decking and timber cladding

Welcome to the Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA). An independent and not for profit organisation, the TDCA acts as a technical and advisory body for the UK timber decking and timber cladding industries. Assisting large commercial contractors in addition to individuals undertaking a residential project, we can advise on areas such as the correct specification of materials, installation guidance and ongoing care and maintenance of both timber decking and timber cladding. Indeed, the Association is recognised as a reliable and authoritative source of expert opinion in the UK.

Caroline and Janet, pictured left, run the day to day operations at the TDCA office.

Thanks ever so much for all your help and getting back with info so quickly.  I appreciate that very much, thank you.  It's so good to be able to talk to people who give sound advice and can guide you to good suppliers.

- Jo Armstrong @ Jo Armstrong's Garden Design Consultancy -

DeckMark and CladMark quality assurance schemes

Developing an ever-growing list of TDCA approved suppliers and installers, we operate the DeckMark and CladMark quality schemes that demonstrate the high quality and longevity of the materials that have been approved or the high standards of the installer that has been accredited.

With the DeckMark scheme having the full endorsement of the NHBC and operating a 10 year insurance backed warranty operated by the TDCA, both of these schemes require a full audit and assessment of the business in question, prior to any accreditation being awarded. Those businesses that do not meet the standards are advised on how they might improve, in order to achieve the accreditation in the future.

Dispute resolution, inspection and expert witness services

Helping to resolve difficulties with timber decking and cladding projects, the TDCA can offer a number of expert services that can be of help to private home owners, architects, surveyors, structural engineers and many other organisations. The bespoke commissioned work might include:

  • Assessing the structural integrity and construction techniques of existing decks
  • General condition surveys and maintenance reviews
  • Assessing material faults and possible causes on site
  • Advising on correct material specification and good practice standards

Read more about the dispute resolution, inspection and expert witness services.

An in depth information resource

The TDCA website can offer you a wealth of useful information about timber decking and timber cladding. We can also offer a number of technical and guidance publications, many of which are free to registered users of this website. The gallery provides a wide range of photographs that provide inspiration and ideas for new projects, whilst the FAQs section covers a large number of commonly asked questions.