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Smart APP from TDCA helps deck builders estimate material requirements

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association decking calculator APP has been developed to provide deck builders with a very quick and simple means of quantifying the materials needed to produce a deck.  Aimed at professional and DIY installers, the APP can be downloaded free from iTunes for the iPhone version or Google Play for Android phones.

Get the free calculator APP


Get the free calculator APP

decking app screen.png


The decking calculator APP allows you to calculate quantities for a range of different deck shapes and you can freely enter dimensions of your choice.  Then, not only does it help you estimate deck board quantities, it also gives an estimate for joists, the number of individual fixings and the volume of protective coating you will need.

In addition to being a decking calculator, the APP includes more functionality; it provides guidance on the correct way to install deck boards and how to ensure you specify and choose materials of the right quality, it features a gallery of photographs to inspire your designs and it provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that the TDCA helpdesk receives.

To complete the picture, there is a suppliers section featuring TDCA decking sector members who supply DeckMark approved products.  This includes manufacturers of decking, coatings, fixings and concrete piers as well as installer members. 

Janet Sycamore, secretary of TDCA comments ‘the TDCA exists to encourage the building of quality decks with quality materials and workmanship.  Our APP provides a further benefit to members in driving potential clients to use their DeckMark approved products.’  She added ‘The APP was created with the kind assistance of the Swedish Wood Preserving Association (Trӓskydd) and based on the very popular APP they created for the Swedish market’. 

The DeckMark quality scheme for decking has been operating since 2000 and is intended to give buyers reassurance about quality, consistency of appearance and fitness for purpose.