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Found a good decking builder? Are you sure?

Monday, August 14, 2017


Choosing the right decking builder to work with you on your project can be a stressful business and knowing the difference between a good one and a bad one can be extremely tricky. But the impact of getting this right can be huge on the life expectancy and effective performance of your decking in addition to the money in your pocket!


The worrying cycle of new “cheap” decking installers

In collaboration with our TDCA members, we collect and report on a great deal of industry data and information. Most recently, there are concerns in the market over the rise…and fall of new decking installers – all of which can affect your project. The “cycle” goes something rather like this:

  1. A new decking installation business is launched and is keen to trade.
  2. They offer silly and unsustainable prices to get the work.
  3. They cut corners and don’t have the right experience or tools to do a good deck building job for you.
  4. They go out of business.
  5. As soon as they go out of business, another new deck builder arrives, ready to step into their place.

And so it goes. Good to know, but how do you avoid becoming part of this cycle of shoddy work that leaves you with an unsatisfying project? Whilst a cheap decking job might seem tempting to snap up, it can leave you wide open if you have problems further down the line as there could be no company to turn to, leaving you high and dry on what could be an expensive fix.

The answer to finding a good quality decking builder involves DeckMark and it is something that we are helping businesses and individuals with on a daily basis.

Putting your trust in DeckMark approved installers

Industry recognised accreditation schemes exist for a good reason and they allow those using the industry to make a smart, informed and reassuring choice when selecting companies to work with. This is certainly the case where the TDCA’s DeckMark accreditation scheme is involved for timber decking.

In fact, our DeckMark accredited installers are generally in huge demand and many will be booked until later summer – but the wait will be worth it as your decking has a long service life to deliver; so long as it is installed to a high standard.

Every DeckMark approved installer has been independently audited by a third-party expert. If improvements were required prior to meeting the exacting demands of DeckMark, they would have had to undertake these prior to a second audit. And it does not stop there. To maintain their enviable accreditation over time, each deck building company is audited on an annual basis to ensure that their workmanship standards and systems are exactly as they should be – fully competent and professional. So, talking to a TDCA DeckMark approved deck builder could be a very wise step and you can find a list on our website.

Put simply, choosing a DeckMark accredited decking installer takes the worry out of selecting the right company to work with. They are time-served professionals who’ve built up a strong, positive reputation through years and years of experience. They can provide you with detailed drawings of the proposed design layout after carrying out a full site survey and in the unlikely event that you have a problem down the line, the TDCA is on-hand to assist you.