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TDCA secretary accepted as UK Slip Resistance Group member

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Janet Sycamore, secretary to TDCA, has been accepted as a member of the UK Slip Resistance Group. Membership applications have to be approved by the group and apply to individuals rather than companies.  

TDCA's DeckMark Plus is a complementary part of the DeckMark Product Manufacturing Certification Scheme.  It identifies an individual manufactured component or an assembly made from such components that have undergone additional specific technical or safety evaluations by a recognised quantitative procedure. These tests and evaluations are over and above the requirements of the Scheme and are provided by the manufacturer to support professional specification of the product with clear evidence that the component assembly will perform its design function.

One such test is slip resistance using the pendulum test method and TDCA asks for test data that comply with the UK Slip resistance Groups standards on testing.  Therefore it's excellent that we now have a formal working relationship with the group.