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Battersea Exchange London

Ryno pedestals create skyline view

Case study source: Ryno Ltd
Location: Battersea, London
Photography: Courtesy of Ryno Ltd

Materials: Ryno's fixed head adjustable decking pedestals
Materials Supplier: Ryno Ltd
Tel: 01358 726005


There is a quiet revolution building momentum and London is certainly leading the way. It’s about creating and transforming rooftop areas into functional, practical and attractive communal settings where people can enjoy the views of the capital’s skyline.

At the heart of this revolution is Ryno’s smart strong support system which gives architects, developers and contractors the opportunities to achieve so much more in terms of space and visual style. That was undoubtedly the case on a 2,600m2 commercial project at Battersea Exchange, comprising high-rise residential apartment blocks and a new school play area.

The Challenge

As with most building projects this was not without its own particular challenges. The main one facing the design team was the restricted height for a decking solution that could be supported at a range of different heights within a limited budget. This called for careful planning with the solution being RynoDeck’s fixed head adjustable decking pedestals. Its impressive 22-550mm height range offered the flexibility for an area facing height restrictions and where height build up is required.

The Solution

RynoDeck’s fixed head adjustable decking pedestals were seen as the ideal support system for the decking. Its impressive 22-550mm height range offered the flexibility for an area facing height restrictions and where height build up is required.

The robust nature of the product – smart strong support – ensured a stable and robust decking area while its flexibility to accommodate all types and sizes of decking joist was a further benefit. In total 17,200 pedestals were used to provide support, backed by a ten year guarantee for a system that is built to last.  Thanks to its large stock and streamlined processes, Ryno was able to meet call off requirements as the build progressed with next day delivery.

The Results

The developer was able to deliver high quality balconies and terraces for home owners to enjoy and hopefully contribute to rising property values. In addition, RynoDeck’s fixed head adjustable decking pedestals allowed the creation of an aesthetic school play area where school children would be safe to indulge in some rough and tumble. The client was able to achieve a high quality finish with a limited budget. For Ryno it was another successful project and further recognition that its range of RynoDeck durable decking support systems is seen as the ideal complement for quality decking projects. The success of the Battersea Exchange project has since led to further work from the design and build team.

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