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Rainforest Garden

Supplier: BSW Timber
Location: London
Description: Softwood (pine) timber decking
Materials: Original Pro Wax decking
Grooved profile, 38 x 125mm
Protected with TANALITH E Extra, a clever combination of wood preservative with built in water repellent ensuring durability and aesthetics endure

Photography: courtesy of BSW Timber


A jungle in the city. Enhanced by timber!

BSW RainforestGarden.png

The back yard of a typical city centre home has been transformed into a jungle - inspired piece of paradise thanks to some ingenious landscaping ideas – and BSW’s Timeless Timber Original Decking with Pro Wax.  A stunning and surprising contrast to the terraced front of the  house, providing a relaxing outdoor sanctuary just a step away from the back door of the house  – and the last thing you would expect in a busy urban environment. For added peace of mind, Timeless Timber Original Pro Wax decking comes with a 20 year warranty against decay.


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