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Te Ara a Tāwhaki – Otaki, New Zealand

Stunning timber façade uses ABODO Vulcan Screening

Te Ara a Tawhaki - Vulcan Screening in Sioox - Abodo Wood.jpg

This project required a timber that would be stable enough to cope with this demanding application, while weathering gracefully. Maintenance was also a key consideration given the elevated nature of the structure on a commercial building.

Te Ara a Tawhaki - Vulcan Screening in Sioox - Abodo Wood-2.jpg

Te Ara a Tāwhaki houses the library, main lecture theatre, student services and student hub and is part of a unique learning laboratory in New Zealand

The stability and weathering characteristics of Abodo’s Vulcan Screening made it a natural choice for the project. ABODO is sustainably sourced, thermally modified timber – a chemical-free, heat-based treatment which dramatically increases the durability and stability of the wood.

ABODO is currently available in the UK through

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