The Edge

NON-COM Exterior treated Larch cladding coated with Drywood Woodstain was used on the elevations requiring Euroclass B.

Areas not requiring a fire rating were Thermowood® coated with Drywood Woodstain VV.

Builder: Linden Homes

Photography: Courtesy of Chris Bothwell, Bartram Timber.

Treatment Details: NON-COM Exterior Treated Larch coated with Drywood Woodstain.

The Edge Newhall5.jpg

Black cladding makes a dramatic statement against paler coloured bricks

The Edge Newhall9.jpg

The Edge is an innovative new neighbourhood at the award-winning Newhall.  It is part of a government supported initiative to help homeowners get a foot on the property ladder and work their way up to 100% ownership.

Timber cladding is an integral feature on the exterior of the bespoke designed homes, providing an aesthetic feel in keeping with the surrounding woodlands and fields.

Factors such as the proximity of one building to another and the height from the ground, may require a fire retardant protection to the timber cladding to meet UK building regulations. On the Edge development Siberian Larch cladding was specified for a number of facades and protected with an industrially applied Non-Com Exterior fire treatment from Lonza Wood Protection to meet the stringent Euroclass B requirements of EN 13501-1. The product is also accredited under the CladMark scheme giving addedreassurance of product quality.

Although Non-Com Exterior treated claddings can be used externally without the need for a decorative coating, the architects on this occasion also wanted a black colour finish. To meet this design requirement Drywood Woodstain was factory applied following the initial fire protection. This coating is a high performance, water based finish, specifically designed for use with Non-Com Exterior treated Siberian Larch.

Timber elevations not requiring fire protection involved the use of Thermowood Pine coated with Drywood Woodstain VV from the Drywood range to provide a colour match consistency throughout the project.