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How to clean decking: can I use a pressure washer?


It is important to understand how to clean decking before you make a start on the task. Regular maintenance will ensure that your deck remains in tip top condition throughout its life.  Maintenance doesn't have to be too onerous; simply sweeping it in its early years should be sufficient but there will be times when it will benefit from a clean.  

The most straight forward way to clean decking is to use a stiff brush to remove any loose debris and grime. There can be times however, when more abrasive action is required – perhaps when the decking is older, has not been cleaned for some time or you have inherited some decking that has been badly neglected over the years.

In these instances, you might consider using a pressure washer to do the job. If you are considering how to clean decking with a pressure washer – carefully would be the best advice! The surface can be damaged or bruised if the pressure used is too high. So choose a lower pressure and don’t put the lance too close to the deck’s surface.

There are attachments for pressure washers that are designed specifically to clean decking. Whilst this can make it an easier job, special care must still be taken to ensure that the timber is not damaged in any way.

If you are not used to cleaning decking, you might want to hire the help of an expert. We can offer you a list of TCDA accredited decking installers that can offer assistance.

Of course, you can opt for a scrubbing brush and water with a suitable cleaning solution in it when choosing how to clean decking. This can be a time consuming task, but one that anyone can undertake. Choose a dry day and take your time to methodically scrub the grime loose from the timber. Rinse well with clean water and allow the deck to dry prior to any further treatment.

For more information on deck cleaning, download a free copy of our deck cleaning guide - it's free for registered users of this site.