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Windhill Old Station, Dock Lane, Shipley, BD18 1BU

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DesignADeck has been operating in both the commercial and domestic decking market for over 20 years.  With our long history of success and expertise, you can be confident you are dealing with one of the UK's premier decking design and installation companies.  Your deck will be built to the highest industry standards and the NHBC specification which allows us to provide you with a minimum guarantee of 10 years on all our softwood, hardwood, composite and bamboo decks.


We are one of the only decking design and installation companies that has invested in decking specific component manufacture.  DesinADeck has designed and produced specialised fixings that cannot be bought elsewhere.  We can offer you absolute confidence in the exceptional quality that DesignADeck offers.  No matter how large or unusual your project is, we have the expertise to handle it.

Your full design and installation service

We understand that when you are looking to invest in a major decking scheme, you want to be absolutely sure you know what you are buying. That's why we guide and support you, right from the initial consultation, through the processes involved in putting your scheme together.

We bring your project to life with full architectural and CAD drawings so you can envisage exactly what your proposed decking scheme will look like.

Design service

We also offer a design only service for a one off fee and will work with you to ensure you get the perfect design to suit your project.  A list of all the materials necessary to complete the job will be included in your design package.

Supply only

If you decide you want to do the job yourself, we offer a supply only service which will encompass not just the timber but all the components necessary to build your deck, including sub-structure, joisting and fixings and fasteners. 


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