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Southside Hereford University Design Challenge 2022

Friday, December 3, 2021

TDCA are once again honoured to be able to sponsor a valuable and relevant competition – the Southside Hereford University Design Challenge 2022.

The competition is open for both current built environment students and 2021 graduates from across the UK. Inter-disciplinary design teams of 4–8 members are invited to design an exemplary community building that produces more energy than it consumes – creating a ‘net-zero community centre’ based on timber and timber-hybrid systems.

The initiative is being led by Timber Development UK partnering with New Model Institute of Technology and Engineering (NMITE)Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) and the Passivhaus Trust.

This is a great opportunity for TDCA to be part of the conversation with architects of the future – exploring the possibilities of timber decking and cladding materials and techniques.

We sponsored last year's competition which was based around the Riverside complex in Sunderland – and it proved a great success with 100's of entries.

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