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Timber Cladding


Timber has the ability to accentuate and soften buildings like no other material. Lightweight and easy to use, each and every piece is natural and unique. Add environmental credentials to its inherent beauty and it’s easy to see why there has been the recent surge in popularity of timber cladding on buildings.

With correct detailing and appropriate materials, timber cladding will provide a long lasting decorative façade.

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association has created this comprehensive information resource to help you get the most from your timber cladding. It is particularly relevant to the industry professional but anyone needing to develop his or her knowledge on this subject will find this section useful. It will even help those embarking on a DIY project, especially if they want to do the job properly.

BS8605, entitled external timber cladding – method of specifying, is the UK’s standard for timber cladding specification. Part 1 covers timber cladding during manufacture and up to the point it leaves the factory. Part 2 which takes over from there on, is presently under development and publication is not expected until sometime in 2019.

The industry default specification is for a 30 year desired service life. Longer service lives can be obtained with certain materials.