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Timber Decking

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Timber decking is increasingly the material of choice for stylish or contemporary gardens.   Timber has inherent warmth and beauty which enhances its surroundings; making the atmosphere somehow softer, calmer.  Harmonious to plants with which timber has a natural synergy, timber decking also works well alongside other materials and offers huge scope and design flexibility.   It allows you to create unique and captivating spaces and is ideal for both private and public areas. 


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Decking is a particularly good product for sloping sites providing an easy and effective transition between the different levels.  It’s perfect alongside bi-fold doors, helping to connect outdoor and indoor living areas and increasing the feeling of space in both.  It’s also great for a quiet corner, a secret garden tucked out of the way, on rooftops or alongside waterways.  Its credentials also make timber decking a superb partner to pools or spas which are synonymous with relaxation.

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association exists to provide up to date generic technical information and guidance about all aspects of decking design and installation.  We are keen to help ensure you have relevant information so that all timber decking can be constructed in the right way and provide you with years of trouble free performance. 

This section of our website is where we house timber decking related guidance.  It covers projects from concept through to installation and aftercare.  We also have supplementary or more detailed information in our publications, many of which are free to registered users of our site.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of more assistance.  It’s much better to get things right from the outset than have to rectify issues after the event.