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Welcome to the Timber Decking and Cladding Association website. This resource has been created to provide you with guidance on how to correctly specify, install and care for timber decking and timber cladding.

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The TDCA is an independent, technical and advisory body for the timber decking and timber cladding industry. We provide advice, guidance and further training resources in addition to TCDA approved suppliers and installers.

Properly designed and constructed timber decking and cladding will provide a long and trouble free service life. 

This website is a comprehensive resource of information about timber decking and timber cladding.   It covers all you need to know in order to effectively design, choose materials, install and maintain timber decking or cladding.  It exists to help you ensure your timber decking and cladding will perform to your expectations.

The supplier section provides details of reliable sources of materials and professional installation services many of whom are independently accredited by the TDCA.    

The TDCA operates DeckMark and CladMark quality accreditation schemes to give you peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable company. 

Many of the publications are free to download to registered users.  

Case studies and an image gallery serve to inspire you and act as reference information about the use of different types of materials.

Timber is a miracle of nature; a gift that is the world’s most utilised building material.  Timber is a truly amazing, natural material.  Every piece is unique.  With inherent warmth and beauty, timber has the ability to soften and accentuate buildings and landscapes like no other material and offers a winning combination of versatility, economy and environmental credentials to any building project. By choosing timber you will be positively contributing to the environment. 

We offer a wealth of information, expert advice and technical information on all aspects on timber decking, whether you are an individual, property developer, architect, contractor, specifier or decking installation company.

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Increasingly popular with both domestic and commercial properties, timber cladding is lightweight, attractive and offers environmental benefits too. Expert information will aid design and specification.

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DeckMark and CladMark

The TDCA operates DeckMark and CladMark quality schemes which verify the performance and longevity of materials that have been accredited or the high standards of the installer that has been approved. 

These schemes require a full business audit and assessment to achieve accreditation which are maintained through ongoing audit checks. 

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Find an approved supplier

Choosing a TDCA accredited supplier for your timber decking or cladding ensures that you are using the best quality to deliver a long-lasting result. 

Learn more about our approved suppliers and installers - talk to some first rate businesses that can professionally help you with your project.

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Expert advice and guidance

Whatever size your project, the TDCA has ample expert information to help you. Ensuring that the resulting timber decking or timber cladding is of excellent design, specification, quality and installation, we help you to create a long-lasting and high quality outcome that will serve its purpose effectively for many years to come.

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Decking tips with Roger Bisby

Got a couple of minutes? Watch this informative video on the essentials of deck building.  Produced by Wood Campus, our education partner.

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Become a Member

Enjoy the many benefits of becoming a TDCA approved supplier or installer. Talk to us about applying for DeckMark or CladMark accreditation.

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Inspection and Expert Witness Services

Call upon us for independent inspection, consultation and reporting where expert decking or cladding opinion is required. 

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