What decking finishes exist for me to choose from?

There all manner of decking finishes available to customise your decking project or provide extra protection.There are a few things to consider before choosing a product - (also see Deck Finishes):

  1. Always check the suitability of a product for use on particular timber species.

  2. Make sure your choose a product designed for outdoor use on a decking surface.

  3. Use a penetrating product rather than a film former; film formers can be problematic on an outdoor horizontal surface leading to cracking and flaking of the paint film.

  4. Bear in mind that there will be some preparatory work to do before and in-between applications - even on newly installed timber. In addition, regular re-application will be necessary as weathering and usage will gradually fade any finish.

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Deck oils and weather protection coatings

You can choose to add extra protection from the elements for your deck with water repellent and UV protection products or saturating deck oils. Transparent products are popular with hardwood decks to maintain their natural colour. 


Adding colour to your deck can be done manually, once in situ, or you could opt for a pre-coloured product which has undergone a factory applied process. Many DIY products can be applied by paint brush, spray or roller.

  • Decking stains are popular when considering subtle, non-opaque finishes, where the grain of the timber can still be seen. 

  • Opaque paint is great for achieving bold colour finishes.


You may have chosen an anti-slip deck board (with built-in aggregate) from the out-set but if you opted for a standard board and now wish to add an anti-slip element once installed, this is possible with the use of anti-slip coatings. We can recommend suitable suppliers for you – many of which have been accredited with our DeckMark quality scheme.

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