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Kyocera Senco UK Ltd

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630 Europa Boulevard, Warrington, WA5 7YH

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Senco Fasteners

SENCO has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of powered fastening systems since 1947. The acquisition of the brand by Kyocera Corp in 2017 means they are now part of a global company with all the benefits that brings. The product range includes air nailers and staplers, gas-driven tools for construction, compressors, collated screwdriving systems and a unique Fusion nailing technology. The fastener range alone includes over 1500 lines. 

Fasteners for all applications

SENCO offer fixings and fastenings to suit a wide range of applications. With nails, staples and screws meeting all relevant EU & UK industry standards, including EN14566 for staples commonly used in cladding. You can be assured of quality products supported by decades of industry experience.


Senco Duraspin

Duraspin Collated Screwdriving System

A market leading range for 20 years, the Duraspin Screwdriving System makes decking, cladding, flooring underlayment, joinery and drylining easy. With a large range of collated screw options, including wood, chipboard, Weatherex Decking Screws and stainless steel, most fixing applications into timber are covered.

Barefoot Approval

CAMO Decking System

CAMO is a unique deck board fixing system which allows boards to be fixed from the side rather than through the top, leaving no visible screw holes – a discrete and professional finish. Suitable for treated or untreated wood, composite and PVC boards. Ideal for boards up to 141mm wide, the screws can be backed out to replace damaged boards in the future. Cost effective and easy, CAMO has proven to be a popular system around the world.

CAMO is also Barefoot Approved™      


Senco CAMO

Pneumatic or Gas – Nailing and Stapling

SENCO provides a wide range of fastening solutions for flooring, decking and cladding jobs, using both air and gas driven tools. So whether you use a compressor, or want to work free of airlines, perhaps where power is an issue and cordless is preferred, then SENCO have the solution to your fixing requirement.

Senco Pneumatic

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