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Vertical cladding - new buildings

Drawing 2a.jpg

Specification notes:

  1. This drawing is for vertical cladding fixed to a timber framed structure. For masonry walls the same batten and cladding configuration may be used.

  2. Counter battens are an essential design detail for vertical cladding to permit unrestricted drainage and air circulation in the cavity. Counter battens may be any thickness but 16mm shall be the minimum.

  3. Cladding support battens should be at least 2.0 times the thickness of an individual board. The top edge should be machined, prior to preservative treatment, to an angle (15°) sufficient to shed water running down the back of the cladding into the ventilation cavity. Batten treatment: Softwood battens shall be pre-treated by an industrial process in accordance with BS8417 for a BSEN335:1 Use Class 3 application (Wood Protection Association Commodity Specification Code: C6 also known as NBS Z12/120)  A cavity of at least 21mm shall be incorporated into the design to permit air circulation and unrestricted drainage of rainwater that penetrates the cladding.

  4. All openings into the cavity should be fitted with insect mesh.