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Planning & Building Regulations


Outdoor decks are often considered to be exempt from planning regulations. This is not always the case. There are a number of specific instances where consent is required prior to building a patio, terrace or deck and these are set out below:

Situations Requiring Planning Permission (effective 1 October 2008).

  • Where the deck platform is more than 300mm (~1 ft) from the ground
  • Where together with other extensions, outbuildings etc, the outdoor decks or platforms cover more than 50 per cent of the garden area

In addition to the situations set out above, other restrictions have been known to apply:-

  • Where the deck is situated within 20 metres of a highway.
  • If the structure would affect the amenity value or privacy of neighbouring properties.
  • If the deck is attached to a listed building or situated in a conservation area or National Park.

Building regulations 

Building regulations should be assumed to apply to every structure that requires planning permission.

With the exception of ground level outdoor decks, property owners should always check that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed structure.

In addition to contacting the Local Authority, neighbours who may be affected by the structure should also be informed. Neighbour objections are the most usual reason for planning refusal or restrictions.

The TDCA publishes a leaflet (Ref TB02) about the statutory requirements (planning and building regulations) applying to decks.  It's free to download to registered users.

For reference visit the Government Panning Portal website

Planning Portal