Black fixings blend with charred Larch

The Place uses 32,000 Rothoblaas screws

The Place is a modern hybrid structure of steel frame and CLT panels. Located in the heart of Leeds, the development aims to provide a beautiful, sustainable working environment.

The exterior is clad with striking charred larch, fixed in place using 32,000 KKT Stainless Steel A4 Black Headed screws from Rothoblaas. The stainless steel KKT is a perfect choice which will last 25 years. The matching colour head blends with the charred effect of the larch. It has a reverse thread which pulls the board in tighter, preventing cupping.

No predrilling is required, which saves a considerable amount of time. Available in brown, grey or black.

The Place Rothoblaas (1)

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KKT Color A4

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