The ForgeFix Elite Performance range of screw fixings

ForgeFast Elite Performance Screws by ForgeFix

The proprietary self drilling thread design reduces torque so power tool batteries last longer and screws drive in faster.  Splitting and jacking are reduced while pull-out protection is increased to give a firmer fix.  The sharp point, capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel, creates a fast bite and means no pre-drilling is required, resulting in much faster installations.

Forgefast Self Drilling Thread Details

Protected by our own unique and exclusive corrosion resistance coating, Elementech.  Elementech outperforms more commonplace coatings such as zinc in a number of crucial areas.  It's better for the environment as it's free of toxic Cr6 (hexavalent chromium).  It's also fit for purpose as it's salt spray tested to 2,000 hours.

Forgefast Elementech Details

After using many screws in the past as a tradesman I believe there is no better screw for balance of cost strength

Raylon, commenting on ForgeFast Elite Performance Screws

Forgefast Decking Details

ForgeFast Elite Performance Decking Screws

The ForgeFast range includes specialist screws for fixing into both timber and composite decking.  These elite performance fasteners have been developed with both form and function in mind. The decking range includes the option of screws with an ultra-discreet trim head, ideal for both timber and composite. For optimumum aesthetics, ForgeFast decking screws are available in two colours - tan and green.  This enables you to choose a colour that most effectively complements the colour of the decking being installed. For maximum corrosion resistance, ForgeFast decking screws benefit from an Elementech 2000 coating which has been salt spray tested to 2,000 hours.

Went through like a hot knife through butter with no burring/shredded heat.  Excellent product.

StevieMo. commenting on ForgeFast decking screws

ForgeFast Elite Performance Timber Screws

The ForegFix range includes timber screws able to deliver elite levels of performance.  These screws have a heavy duty construction and are available in large sizes up to 250mm.  ForgeFast timber screws benefit from exceptional corrosion resistance.  They have an Elementech 2000 coating which has been salt spray tested to 2,000 hours.  ForgeFast timber screws also employ an innovative dual head design.  They combine a TORX head and a hex head giving users the freedom to employ their own preferred type of driver.

Forgefast Timber Fix Details

Bought these to fix some steps made of hardwood timber. They drove straight in without a pilot hole, no splitting.

Thm84, commenting on ForgeFast Timber Screws

Forgefast Construction Screw Details

ForgeFast Elite Performance Construction Screws

The elite performance construction screws can be enjoyed across a range of products designed specifically for construction-focussed applications.  These construction screws are heavy-duty and available in sizes up to 8mm in thickness and up to 360mm in length.  ForgeFast construction screws also benefit from exceptional corrosion resistance thanks to their Elementech 2000 coating,  This is the highest level of protection offered by our unique Elementech coating technology and has been salt spray tested to 2,000 hours.  For maximum retaining power and a lower profile, ForgeFast construction screws employ a wafer head. 

Did the job great, no rounding off of heads.  Drove straight in without pilot holes.

Cookta, commenting on Forgefast Construction Screws

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TDCA Accreditations

Standard range - green treated and Forgefast self-drilling thread screws are DeckMark accredited.

Forgefast wood screws (Ø 3 to 10mm) carry DeckMark Plus accreditation which means they have undergone additional specific technical evaluations by recognised quantitative procedures.

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