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Boardwalks really shouldn't be covered in chicken wire!

Friday, September 18, 2020

It may seem like a good idea to use chicken wire over your timber deck or boardwalk to add a little extra grip, but it’s totally inappropriate. There’s several reasons why: 

  • Wire traps dirt and debris, such as leaves, increasing the potential for prolonged moisture contact and consequent premature decay.

  • What seems like a cheap option will be more expensive in the long term as the deck or boardwalk will need replacing sooner that it should. 

  • Unless really well secured, the wire can work loose creating a trip hazard.

  • The wire itself can become slippery in wet conditions. 

This image illustrates that laying chicken wire across the surface of your decking or boardwalk is a sure way to shorten its service life and is potentially an accident waiting to happen. 

Anti-slip deck boards

If extra grip is required or poor maintenance is anticipated, the best option is to use purpose made anti-slip deck boards with built-in slip protection.  Choose a good quality one that is TDCA DeckMark accredited. There’s plenty of styles available to suit any application, grooved or smooth and even coloured.

Do you need anti-slip deckboards?

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Match this with high durability substructure timbers (Use Class 4 treated) with suitability spaced post and joist supports and you’re on to a winner.  

Did you know that you can achieve a 30 or even 60 year service life (yes 60 is possible!) by specifying the right timber materials and specialist fixings suitable for long term use outdoors.