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South Haven Remembrance Centre

Monument wrapped in charred Accoya

Accoya charred cladding 2.jpg

Architect: Shape Architecture Inc. / PECHET Studio
Photography: Ema Peter Photography 
Accoya cladding provided by Delta Millworks

The South Haven Centre for Remembrance is a monument located in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.  The project features a symbolic 43 foot tall tower which emerges from the prairie landscape, mirroring both the grave sites and the monuments.

The colour and overall character of the building considers the relationship of changing light patterns throughout the seasons. 

The combination of black hot rolled steel panels and charred Accoya cladding act as a sharp contrast to the snowy winter conditions and landscape throughout the year. 


Accoya charred cladding.jpg

Accoya wood has fantastic durability qualities which performs well in the harsh winter months.  

The South Haven Centre for Remembrance was awarded the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture for 2020.

The design inspiration was to memorialize moments in time and capture the quality of the seasons through the interplay of light, shadow and darkness.

Accoya charred cladding 3.jpg

What is Accoya?

Modified wood from Accsys